Top 5 Ultralight 4-Season 2-Person Tents of 2023

4-Season 2-Person Tents: National park scene with ultralight 4-season 2-person tent

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When searching for an ultralight tent suitable for year-round use with two occupants, there are crucial factors to consider.

These encompass the tent’s weight, ease of packing, structural robustness, interior space, weather resilience, and setup convenience.

Rely on our TOP 5 guide to aid you in selecting the ideal option to meet your requirements.

Top Ultralight 4-Season 2-Person Tent Picks

  1. Most Ultralight: Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid 2 (1lb 3.1oz/541g)
  2. Best Overall: MSR Access 2 (3lb 13.8oz/1754g)
  3. Best Value: SlingFin Portal 2 (2lb 13.8oz/1300g)
  4. Premium Option: Samaya 2.0 (2lb 15.2oz/1340g)
  5. Budget Option: Black Diamond Hilight 2P Tent (3lb 15.1oz/1790g)

1. Most Ultralight
Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid 2

Ultralight Backpacking 4-Season 2-Person Tents: Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid 2

Key Specs

Weight: 1lb 3.1 ounces (541g)
Material: DCF
Price: $$


✅ Ultralight

✅ Spacious


❌ Noisy in rain

Designed for comfort and protection, the Hyperlite UltaMid 2 is a reliable 4-season tent for two people. Its pyramid-style structure ensures ease of setup, spaciousness, and robustness.

Despite its mere 1.3 lbs. weight, the tent remains sturdy thanks to the waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabric.

However, it’s worth noting that heavy rain can result in interior noise.

2. Best Overall
MSR Access 2

Ultralight Backpacking 4-Season 2-Person Tents: MSR Access 2

Key Specs

Weight: 3lb 13.8 ounces (1754 grams)
Material: 20D nylon
Price: $$


✅ Spacious

✅ Durable


❌ Not the smallest pack size

Designed as the ultimate shelter for backpackers, the Access 2 tent by MSR strikes a balance between the weight of mountaineering tents and the warmth of backpacking tents.

With minimal mesh on the tent body, it provides enhanced warmth during chilly nights.

The interior boasts ample space for shedding layers, and the robust frame withstands overnight snow accumulation.

It’s important to note that the Access 2 is an inner-pitch-first tent, a factor subject to personal preference.

3. Best Value
SlingFin Portal 2

Ultralight Backpacking 4-Season 2-Person Tents: SlingFin Portal 2

Key Specs

Weight: 2lb 13.8 ounces (1300 grams)
Material: 15D nylon
Price: $$


✅ Good space

✅ High quality


❌ Not the easiest to set up

The Portal 2 backpacking tent from SlingFin is a great choice for backpackers who want a light and strong tent. It shows that you can have a lightweight tent without giving up on strength or quality.

Inspired by their Expedition Series, the Portal has smart features that make it stable and protective, even in tough conditions. The design is careful and uses strong materials and extra zippers to make sure it lasts a long time.

You can set up the tent in different ways, like putting up the rain cover first and using hiking poles for support, which makes it even more appealing.

While getting good at setting it up might take some practice, the tent’s balance between being light and durable makes it a top choice.

4. Premium Option
Samaya 2.0

Ultralight Backpacking 4-Season 2-Person Tents: Samaya 2.0

Key Specs

Weight: 2lb 15.2 ounces (1340 grams)
Material: laminated DCF
Price: $$$


✅ Easy to set up

✅ Features available materials


❌ Expensive

The Samaya2.0 tent is designed to accommodate two users during their alpine expeditions.

You can customize it with extras like a footprint, vestibule, and mosquito net, depending on the number of people and the conditions you’ll face.

Tested in all types of weather, this 4-season tent ensures quality sleep wherever you go.

Keep in mind that while the tent is exceptional, the stakes for hard ground could be improved.

Based on our experience, it’s easy to set up and store, making it an excellent companion for demanding trips.

5. Budget Option
Black Diamond Hilight 2P Tent

Ultralight Backpacking 4-Season 2-Person Tents: Black Diamond Hilight 2P Tent

Key Specs

Weight: 3lb 15.1 ounces (1790 grams)
Material: 30D polyester
Price: $


✅ Durable

✅ Relatively affordable


❌ Minor condensation

Engineered to thrive in challenging conditions, the enhanced HiLight 2P tent boasts a roomy, steep-sided design. The utilization of high tenacity 30D poly fabric guarantees the tent’s durability across diverse environments.

Say goodbye to concerns about seam sealing, as the tent is equipped with fully taped seams. The tent’s design features a spacious entry with a single side-door, accommodating one or two occupants, along with an optional vestibule.

Nonetheless, despite its lightweight and backpack-friendly structure, the single-wall construction makes condensation a minor consideration.

How to Buy the Right 4-Season 2-Person Tent

When picking a backpacking tent for tough weather, think about a few important things:

  • Weight: Heavier tent parts are tougher in bad weather, but they also mean more weight in your bag. Be ready for a bit of extra weight.
  • Tent poles and frame: Choose strong, lightweight poles that can handle heavy snow and strong winds. Easton or DAC aluminum alloy poles are the best. Look for extra cross-poles for more stability.
  • Fabrics and coatings: Winter tents should use advanced moisture barriers and tough, ripstop nylon with silicone or PU coatings for water resistance. There are also pricier DCF options making their way into the 4-season tent market.
  • Weatherproof flooring: Go for strong, waterproof flooring that goes up the sides to keep out moisture and snow.
  • Doors and vestibules: Having more doors and vestibules helps with access and ventilation. It also gives you space to store gear outside the main tent area.
  • Capacity: Look for extra room so you and your camping buddy can wait out storms comfortably during extreme cold and bad weather.

Considering these things will help you get a reliable shelter for a tough 4-season backpacking trip. If you’re not sure about choosing a 4-season or 3-season tent, check out our post here.

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