Top 5 Ultralight Hiking Flashlights of 2023

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When you’re into ultralight backpacking, your gear choices can be the difference between a great adventure and a difficult one. One vital piece of gear is your hiking flashlight. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming.

No need to stress; we’ve got you covered. This guide will assist you in discovering the lightest options on the market and provide guidance on what to look for in a flashlight.

Top Ultralight Hiking Flashlight Picks

  1. Most Ultralight: Nitecore TIKI GITD (0.42oz/12g)
  2. Best Overall: Nitecore TIP 2 (1.34oz/38g)
  3. Best Value: RovyVon Aurora A3x (0.69oz/19.5g)
  4. Most Durable: Fenix E12 V2.0 (1.80oz/51g)
  5. Budget Option: Coast HX5 (2.78oz/79g)

1. Most Ultralight
Nitecore TIKI GITD

Ultralight Hiking Flashlight: Nitecore TIKI GITD

Key Specs

Weight: 0.42 ounces (12 grams)
Light Output: 300 lumens
Max Battery Life: 40 hours (lowest setting)
Price: $$


✅ Ultralight

✅ Micro-USB rechargeable


❌ Buttons are very small

The Nitecore TIKI GITD is a versatile keyring light that offers impressive brightness and various settings in a compact size. With its glowing shell, it’s easy to find even in the dark. Equipped with a primary OSRAM P8 LED, it emits a soft, uniform beam with a maximum output of 300 lumens.

Additionally, two side auxiliary emitters, a high CRI white LED, and a UV LED, add to its versatility. The built-in 130mAh Li-ion battery is rechargeable via micro USB, and the light boasts multiple charging safeguards.

We see the usefulness of the TIKI GITD. People like its brightness and small size, which makes it great for keychains. Though a few users mention small issues like the UV light’s glow and tiny buttons, the TIKI GITD’s strong light has impressed us. This makes it a dependable choice despite its small battery.

2. Best Overall
Nitecore TIP 2

Ultralight Hiking Flashlight: Nitecore TIP 2

Key Specs

Weight: 1.34 ounces (38 grams)
Light Output: 720 lumens
Max Battery Life: 55 hours (lowest setting)
Price: $$$


✅ Reasonably powerful

✅ Micro-USB rechargeable

✅ Great battery life


❌ No lockout feature

The Nitecore TIP 2 keyring light boasts a maximum 720 lumens output from its dual Cree XP-G3 S3 LED. Recharging is swift thanks to the micro USB port, which comes with a charge status indicator.

With four brightness levels and demo/daily modes, the TIP 2 adapts effortlessly to various situations. Despite its lightweight build, the aluminum alloy design aids heat dissipation.

It’s worth mentioning the minor concerns of small buttons and the lack of a lockout feature. Nevertheless, the TIP 2 vividly showcases Nitecore’s commitment to practicality and illumination.

3. Best Value
RovyVon Aurora A3x

Ultralight Hiking Flashlight: RovyVon Aurora A3x

Key Specs

Weight: 0.69 ounces (19.5 grams)
Light Output: 650 lumens
Max Battery Life: 30 hours (lowest setting)
Price: $$


✅ Reasonably powerful

✅ Rechargeable

✅ Emergency strobe feature


❌ Can lose charge after sitting

The RovyVon A3X flashlight, boasting 650 lumens, impresses with its upgraded features and compact design. Its head side switch eliminates the need for twisting, offering easy mode changes. With daily use modes and quick access to emergency strobe, it’s versatile and micro USB rechargeable.

However, it’s worth noting that the battery can lose charge after sitting for a month. Despite this, the A3X’s compact size and form factor make it a reliable companion for ultralight hiking adventures.

4. Most Durable
Fenix E12 V2.0

Ultralight Hiking Flashlight: Fenix E12 V2.0

Key Specs

Weight: 1.80 ounces (51 grams)
Light Output: 160 lumens
Max Battery Life: 70 hours (lowest setting)
Price: $$


✅ All-metal construction

✅ Can be used with rechargeable batteries


❌ Modest brightness modes

The Fenix E12 V2.0 AA Flashlight emits up to 160 lumens, powered by a single AA battery. Its compact size and well-balanced beam make it versatile for everyday activities. With simple brightness adjustments and a two-position clip, it brings convenience and portability.

However, we notice that certain brightness modes don’t quite match up – the low/5-lumen setting is too dim for most up-close tasks (we suggest 10-15 lumens for this).

While it might not be a perfect fit for everyone, the Fenix E12 V2.0 demonstrates its durability and practicality as a flashlight powered by AA batteries.

5. Budget Option
Coast HX5

Ultralight Hiking Flashlight: Coast HX5

Key Specs

Weight: 2.78 ounces (79 grams)
Light Output: 180 lumens
Max Battery Life: 3.75 hours
Price: $


✅ Extremely affordable

✅ Can be used with rechargeable batteries


❌ On/off button reliability

❌ One brightness mode

The Coast HX5 flashlight grabs attention with its hands-free design, perfect for everyday use. Changing between spot and flood beams is easy, providing versatile lighting. While using the brightest mode needs specific AA batteries, its overall performance and battery life are impressive.

Despite its size, brightness, and compatibility with AA batteries making it a top pick, we’ve observed a problem with the on/off button’s reliability. However, this doesn’t overshadow the fact that the Coast HX5 is still a good budget choice.

How to Buy the Right Hiking Flashlight

Selecting the right hiking flashlight involves several key considerations. While headlamps have gained popularity, flashlights are still valuable for their strong beams and precise control.

Factors to consider include the flashlight’s brightness, battery type, how long it can run, its size, and weight. Prices can vary greatly, depending on features like advanced technology, rechargeable batteries, and more.

Understanding ANSI FL1 standards for light output, beam distance, run time, impact resistance, and water resistance can help make your choice easier. If you’re looking to dive deeper into the topic, there’s a fantastic post on REI that offers even more in-depth information.

And if you’re trying to decide between a hiking flashlight or a headlamp, you can explore our detailed post here for additional insights and guidance.

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