Top 5 Ultralight Hiking Jackets for Women (2023)

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When selecting an ultralight insulated hiking jacket, consider crucial aspects such as weight, insulation, weather resistance, breathability, and packability.

Our comprehensive guide lists the lightest top choices for women, considering various factors. Let’s get started.

Top Ultralight Insulated Hiking Jacket Picks

  1. Most Ultralight: Patagonia Women’s AlpLight Down (7.65oz/217g)
  2. Best Overall: Haglöfs Women’s LIM Mimic Hooded Jacket (10.93oz/310g)
  3. Best Value: Patagonia Nano Puff (10.01oz/284g)
  4. Best Design: Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket (14oz/397g)
  5. Budget Option: Forclaz Women’s MT100 Hooded Down Jacket (9.7oz/275g)

1. Most Ultralight
Patagonia Women’s AlpLight Down

Ultralight Hiking Jackets for Women: Patagonia Women’s AlpLight Down

Key Specs

Weight: 7.65 ounces (217 grams)
Material: 10D nylon ripstop
Price: $$$


✅ Ultralight

✅ Comfortable


❌ Thin pocket lining

The Patagonia AlpLight Down Jacket is cherished by hikers for its lightweight warmth and packability. Crafted from 100% postconsumer recycled nylon fabric, this jacket is not only cozy but also environmentally conscious.

Its remarkable warmth-to-weight ratio is praiseworthy, making it a preferred option for cool-weather adventures. In summary, it’s a fantastic addition to your hiking gear, ensuring warmth without unnecessary bulk.

2. Best Overall
Haglöfs Women’s LIM Mimic Hooded Jacket

Ultralight Hiking Jackets for Women: Haglöfs Women’s LIM Mimic Hooded Jacket

Key Specs

Weight: 10.93 ounces (310 grams)
Material: 10D polyamide (recycled)
Price: $$$


✅ Durable

✅ Sustainable option


❌ Relatively expensive

The Haglöfs L.I.M Hooded Jacket, featuring Mimic material technology and graphene-powered nano baffles, has garnered praise from hikers for its exceptional performance and protection in diverse weather conditions.

This super-lightweight and packable jacket boasts an ultra-light 10D outer fabric and essential features like hand pockets, elastic hem, sleeves, and hood. The only downside that we’ve noted is its price.

3. Best Value
Patagonia Nano Puff

Ultralight Hiking Jackets for Women: Patagonia Nano Puff

Key Specs

Weight: 10.01 ounces (284 grams)
Material: 100% polyester (recycled)
Price: $$


✅ Warm

✅ Great fit


❌ Weak stitches

The Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket has become popular among hikers due to its lightweight warmth and weather resistance. By utilizing 100% recycled insulation, this jacket provides an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio while also maintaining coziness even when wet.

Its considerate design incorporates elements like zippered pockets and a drawcord-adjustable hem for preserving warmth.

While we value its style and weight, it’s worth noting that concerns have arisen about the quilted stitching, which can occasionally pull and come loose. Notwithstanding this issue, the Nano Puff Jacket continues to be a dependable option for staying warm and comfortable during hiking adventures.

4. Best Design
Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket

Ultralight Hiking Jackets for Women: Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket

Key Specs

Weight: 14 ounces (397 grams)
Material: 20D nylon ripstop
Price: $$$


✅ Comfortable

✅ Good fit


❌ Relatively expensive

The Cotopaxi Fuego Jacket has become a go-to choice for hikers seeking versatile insulation. Crafted with responsibly sourced 800-fill down and a water-resistant shell, this lightweight jacket offers warmth year-round, from summer camping to winter excursions. Its thin yet surprisingly warm design makes it a comfortable companion on the trails.

While some color variations were noted by customers, the overall comfort and lightweight nature of the Fuego Jacket make it a trusted option for outdoor adventures.

5. Budget Option
Forclaz Women’s MT100 Hooded Down Jacket

Ultralight Hiking Jackets for Women: Forclaz Women’s MT100 Hooded Down Jacket

Key Specs

Weight: 9.7 ounces (275 grams)
Material: 15D 100% polyamide
Price: $


✅ Affordable

✅ Comfortable


❌ Not the warmest option

The Forclaz Ultralight Padded Jacket has been a sought-after choice for hikers seeking lightweight warmth. With its RDS-certified down and impressive 800 CUIN fill power, it offers essential insulation during cool weather treks.

While the manufacturer provides a temperature rating, we’ve found it’s best to regard it as a guideline rather than an absolute limit. Nonetheless, the jacket’s lightweight design and compactness make it a convenient addition to your hiking gear, particularly for its capability to offer warmth without burdening you on the trail.

How to Buy an Ultralight Insulated Hiking Jacket

When you’re getting ready for a hiking trip, picking the right jacket is super important for your comfort and safety.

Imagine your clothing as a three-part system: there’s a base layer that keeps you dry, a middle layer to keep you warm (your insulated hiking jacket), and an outer layer that protects you from rain, snow, and wind.

The jacket also needs to let your body sweat escape, so you stay dry from the inside. Some jackets have zippers under the armpits for extra airflow.

When picking your jacket, think about features like a waterproof hood, accessible pockets, adjustable closures, and extra tough parts for durability. And don’t forget the color – choose one that matches your surroundings or makes you visible to others, depending on what you prefer.

If you want to learn how to choose the right ultralight hiking jacket in detail, check out our post here.

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