Ultralight Backpacking in Australia: Tips & Trails

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Australia boasts a wide range of landscapes, from rugged coastlines to vibrant rainforests, teeming with diverse wildlife. With a selection of over 3,200 trails, you can explore various environments, including lush rainforests and arid deserts.

This post is your gateway to the world of ultralight backpacking in Australia, offering indispensable information for your upcoming adventure.

Additionally, we’ll spotlight the top 5 trails in two distinct categories: day hikes spanning fewer than 30 miles and multi-day trips with resupply opportunities at least every two days.

Key Tips for Backpacking in Australia

  • Wildlife: While there are deadly snakes, they pose minimal danger if you avoid tall grass. Spiders in some areas can be a problem, but they’re avoidable. Saltwater crocodiles are a big risk in the Top End and parts of Queensland and Western Australia, so stay away from water and heed warnings. Cassowaries, large birds, in Far North Queensland can also be dangerous if provoked, but encounters are rare.
  • Wild camping: Wild camping is generally not officially permitted in Australia, but it’s tolerated in certain regions. When embarking on multi-day hikes, it’s advisable to plan for camping by seeking out established campgrounds, potentially requiring reservations and fees.

Top 5 Day Hikes (Under 30 Miles)

Check out these awesome day hikes that are perfect for getting the most out of your ultralight gear:

  1. Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach – TAS (7.2 miles) See on AllTrails.
  2. Main Range Walk – NSW (14.6 miles) See on AllTrails.
  3. Enoggera Reservoir Circuit – QLD (6.8 miles) See on AllTrails.
  4. Coomera Circuit Walk – QLD (10 miles) See on AllTrails.
  5. Kitty’s Gorge – WA (10.3 miles) See on AllTrails.

Top 5 Multi-Day Trips

Top multi-day trips in Australia featuring resupply opportunities every two days or sooner:

  1. Overland Track – TAS (48.8 miles) See on AllTrails.
  2. Cape to Cape Track – WA (78.6 miles) See on AllTrails.
  3. Great Ocean Walk – VIC (60.3 miles) See on AllTrails.
  4. Larapinta Trail – NT (138.1 miles) See on AllTrails.
  5. Great North Walk – NSW (168 miles) See on AllTrails.

Annual Weather Averages

Before finalizing your gear choices, examine the historical yearly weather statistics for Australia:

High °F848482797572687275798284
Low °F687066635752485054596468
Rainy days1314151110877791011
High °F959390817266647384869195
Low °F727063554641394852596468
Rainy days664344333689
Note: These tables are approximate; weather can change with altitude.
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