Best Rain Pants for Women in 2024

Best Rain Pants for Women: Watch as a female hiker conquers uphill trails in RAB rain pants

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Whether you’re hiking mountain trails, backpacking through wet forests, or simply commuting on rainy days, a good pair of women’s rain pants is an essential piece of gear for staying dry.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top rated women’s rain pants for 2024 based on features like weight, breathability, adjustability, and overall performance in foul weather.

Keep reading to find the best rain pants for women that suit your needs and help you enjoy outdoor adventures, regardless of the forecast.

What are the Best Rain Pants for Women?

  1. Most Ultralight: Montane Unisex Minimus Rain Pants (3.52oz/100g)
  2. Best Value: Mountain Equipment Zeno FZ Women’s Pant (8.11oz/230g)
  3. Best Overall: Marmot Women’s PreCip Eco Pant (7.4oz/210g)
  4. Most Eco-Friendly: RAB Women’s Downpour Eco Waterproof Pant (7.23oz/205g)
  5. Budget Option: REI Co-op Rainier Rain Pants (10.6oz/300g)

1. Most Ultralight
Montane Unisex Minimus Rain Pants

Ultralight Hiking Rain Pants for Women: Montane Unisex Minimus Rain Pants

Key Specs

Weight: 3.52 ounces (100 grams)
Waterproof Rating: 15,000 HH
Price: $$


✅ Ultralight

✅ Small pack size


❌ No pockets

I’m really into hiking long distances and carrying a light backpack. That’s why I wanted to try the Montane Minimus Nano Pull-Over Pants. These pants are supposed to be very lightweight while still keeping me dry.

Like other Montane gear, these pants lived up to being well-made but light. I found that getting a larger size than normal fit me best. It covered everything I needed without extra fabric adding weight.

The fabric blocks water really well but still lets air move through. This kept rain out while preventing sweating. Some waterproof pants can rub and flap loudly as you hike. But the Nanos moved smoothly and quietly. They also pack down very small, taking up little room in my bag.

The only downside is that these pants don’t have any pockets. But overall, they worked great for keeping me protected without extra bulk on long hiking trips.

For active outdoor activities when packing light matters, the Minimus Nanos delivered reliable performance versus their low weight.

2. Best Value
Mountain Equipment Zeno FZ Women’s Pant

Ultralight Hiking Rain Pants for Women: Mountain Equipment Zeno FZ Women’s Pant

Key Specs

Weight: 8.11 ounces (230 grams)
Waterproof Rating: 20,000 HH
Price: $$


✅ Great waterproof rating

✅ Great fit


❌ Not the lightest option

We’ve had a chance to take these Mountain Equipment rain pants on a handful of hikes recently.

Comfort-wise, they strike a decent balance. The fabric has good stretch and breathability so we don’t feel too restricted. And features like zippered sides and elastic waist work well for easy on/off.

In wet conditions, they’ve done a solid job keeping the rain out so far. We haven’t experienced any leaks. Venting also works well enough but temperatures may run warmer for some.

Pluses are usable pockets, decent design, and lifetime warranty provides comfort. On the other hand, bulkier packing might bother ultralight fans.

Avid hikers will find these pants worth their higher capacity for water handling compared to ultra-lightweight options.

In conclusion, the ME pants offer both freedom of movement and reliable weather defense—a winning combination for ambitious outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Best Overall
Marmot Women’s PreCip Eco Pant

Ultralight Hiking Rain Pants for Women: Marmot Women’s PreCip Eco Pant

Key Specs

Weight: 7.4 ounces (210 grams)
Waterproof Rating: 10,000 HH
Price: $$


✅ Warm

✅ Durable


❌ Runs a bit small

The Marmot Women’s PreCip Eco Pant lives up to its name as an eco-friendly rain pant that keeps you dry on soggy hikes.

We put these pants through their paces on the misty trails around Seattle and was impressed with their water-repellent performance and thoughtful features.

The PreCip Eco stands out for its durable water repellent coating that shrugs off moisture without using harmful chemicals. Paired with a waterproof and breathable fabric, these pants keep you comfortable in everything from a light drizzle to a steady downpour.

We appreciate the well-designed details like the taped seams to prevent leaks, secured ankle zips for easy on and off over boots, and zippered pockets to securely stow small essentials. The elastic waist gives you a customized fit and allows you to layer them over other clothes when needed.

Sizing does run small, so I’d recommend ordering a size up, especially if you plan to wear them over bulky layers.

For eco-conscious hikers and backpackers needing reliable rain protection without the harmful chemicals, the Marmot Women’s PreCip Eco Pant delivers.

4. Most Eco-Friendly
RAB Women’s Downpour Eco Waterproof Pant

Ultralight Hiking Rain Pants for Women: RAB Women’s Downpour Eco Waterproof Pant

Key Specs

Weight: 7.23 ounces (205 grams)
Waterproof Rating: 20,000 HH
Price: $$


✅ Great material

✅ Great warranty


❌ Runs small

For hikers seeking a sustainable rain pant, the Rab Downpour Eco Pants deliver impressive waterproof performance with an eco-friendly design.

Constructed using recycled materials, these pants provide lightweight protection from the elements while minimizing environmental impact.

We found the Rab Eco Pants to be highly effective at repelling rain during soggy hikes, thanks to the waterproof and breathable fabric. They easily slip on over layers and boots with the convenient knee-length side zips and elastic waistband.

Though soft and quieter than many rain pants, they do make a bit of noise when walking.

The thin fabric is surprisingly durable but does feel delicate compared to burlier models. We’d be cautious using these pants for highly abrasive activities. On the plus side, they pack down small for ultralight backpacking.

For the best fit, we suggest sizing up, as we found the Rab Eco Pants to run snug, especially around the hips. The slim fit does limit mobility a bit.

Overall, for eco-conscious hikers who prioritize minimal environmental impact, the Rab Downpour Eco Pants offer impressive waterproofing in a sustainable package.

5. Budget Option
REI Co-op Rainier Rain Pants

Ultralight Hiking Rain Pants for Women: REI Co-op Rainier Full-Zip Rain Pants

Key Specs

Weight: 10.6 ounces (300 grams)
Waterproof Rating: N/A
Price: $$


✅ Relatively affordable

✅ Comfortable


❌ Relatively heavy

❌ No waterproof rating available

When the skies open up on the trail, the REI Co-op Women’s Rainier Rain Pants provide reliable waterproof protection to keep you dry.

Made with a recycled 2.5-layer ripstop nylon shell and waterproof HydroWall membrane, these pants shield you from raindrops and wind up to 50+ mph while remaining breathable.

Key features like taped seams and a durable water repellent finish prevent moisture from seeping through. Full-length side zips allow easy on and off over boots and ventilation adjustment. Cinchable cuffs and an adjustable elastic waist with drawcord provide a secure, customized fit. Articulated knees allow unrestricted movement.

Compared to the previous model, these Rainier pants have an improved higher rise and more room through the crotch for increased comfort during active use. They also feel lighter weight than the prior version while still offering waterproof durability.

Though a bit heavier than the lightest options, their recycled shell and adjustable fit make them a go-to budget pick when the trails turn soggy.

How to Choose the Best Rain Pants for Hiking

When it comes to selecting the best rain pants for hiking, there are a few key factors to focus on:


Be sure to try on rain pants before buying to ensure a good fit. They should be comfortable over your hiking layers and long enough to cover your boots without bunching at the ankles.


Look for rain pants with useful features like:

  • Adjustable waistband and ankle cuffs for a customized fit
  • Long side zippers to easily take pants on and off over boots
  • Durable fabric and construction to withstand rugged trails
  • Zippered pockets to keep items dry
  • Cinchable hems to block mud and debris


Pay attention to the fabric, as it impacts breathability and performance in wet conditions. Waterproof yet breathable fabrics enhance comfort.


Let your hiking frequency in rain help guide your budget. Frequent rain hiking warrants investing more for quality, while occasional use can allow budget-friendly pants.

The Bottom Line

Choosing rain pants that fit well, have strategic features, boast ideal waterproof yet breathable fabric and match your budget will lead to comfortable, dry hiking in any weather.

And if you are looking for a rain jacket, you can check out our guide here, where we list the TOP 5 best rain jackets.


How to care for and maintain rain pants for women?

To extend the life of women’s rain pants, treat them with a durable water repellent (DWR) spray regularly to retain water beading and breathability. Wash in cold water with a technical detergent, never fabric softener. Hang dry and store properly folded or rolled, avoiding compression that can degrade waterproof membranes over time. Repair small holes immediately with seam sealant and check zippers and velcro for damage after each use. Avoid over-washing, and renew waterproofing treatments as needed. With proper care and maintenance, quality rain pants will provide wet weather protection for many seasons on the trail.

Are there any specific features to look for when shopping for women’s rain pants?

When shopping for women’s rain pants, prioritize waterproof fabric technology like Gore-Tex that blocks wind and rain while allowing breathability and stretch. Look for adjustable waists, full side zips, and ankle cuffs to customize fit, along with cargo pockets to store gear. Consider style preferences like leggings versus trousers, and check available sizes, colors and reviews. Reliable outdoor brands like Marmot and Outdoor Research offer high-quality options. Focusing on performance features, fit, and trusted brands will ensure you find rain pants that will keep you dry and comfortable on the trail.

How long do the best rain pants for women typically last?

Good quality rain pants for women can last a long time if you take care of them. Look for strong waterproof fabrics like Gore-Tex that keep working well even after lots of use. If you treat them with water repellent spray and wash them only when necessary, these good rain pants can keep you dry for about ten years of hiking. Cheaper options usually last between one to three years if you use them a lot. When you’re shopping, check for reinforced knee pads, strong stitching, and good zippers to make sure your pants last. Also, be careful not to scratch or tear them while hiking, which helps them last longer. If you buy rain pants from well-known outdoor brands that offer warranties, you can be sure you’ll have dry hikes for many years to come.

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