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Best Ultralight Tent Stakes with Guy Line in Green Grass

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Choosing the best ultralight tent stakes is crucial for a stable and comfy shelter during hikes, especially for ultralight backpackers who rely on their gear and usually don’t carry spares.

No need to stress about making the wrong choice – our guide has got you covered. We’ve reviewed the best ultralight tent stakes, considering factors like weight, terrain suitability, durability, and cost.

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What Are the Best Ultralight Tent Stakes?

  1. Most Ultralight: SwissPiranha RT90 Tent Pegs (0.11oz/3.2g)
  2. Best Overall: MSR Mini-Groundhog Stakes (0.35oz/10g)
  3. Best Value: Sea to Summit Ground Control Light Tent Pegs (0.25oz/7g)
  4. Best for Hard Terrain: Nemo Airpin Ultralight Tent Stakes (0.35oz/10g)
  5. Budget Option: DD Hammocks DD SuperLight Pegs (0.28oz/8g)

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1. Most Ultralight
SwissPiranha RT90 Tent Pegs

SwissPiranha RT90

Key Specs

Weight Per Stake: 0.11 ounces (3.2 grams) | Length: 3.54″ (90 mm)
Suitable for: Soft terrain
Material: Plastic (Piranha NT)
Price: $$


✅ Ultralight

✅ Environmentally friendly


❌ Expensive

❌ Best for soft terrain

SwissPiranha makes tent stakes in Switzerland from strong plastic. They are super lightweight and durable.

Their shape makes them very easy to insert in soil. The X-beam design locks them in, even when loose ground.

The flat top puts downward pressure to prevent shaking for solid stability in storms. The smooth edges won’t rip fabric or hurt you. Notches allow versatile guy line attachments too.

We tested them thoroughly. They held firmly in dry and wet conditions despite windy weather and didn’t pull out of the ground.

Hard, dry, or rocky earth challenged the insertion and sometimes bent them, but we straightened them out after. Soil sticks inside the X-part a bit, but it scrapes out fine.

2. Best Overall
MSR Mini-Groundhog Stakes

MSR Groundhog Mini

Key Specs

Weight Per Stake: 0.35 ounces (10 grams) | Length: 5.9″ (150 mm)
Suitable for: Soft to medium terrain types
Material: 7000-series aluminum
Price: $$


✅ Strong yet light

✅ Reasonably priced

✅ Sturdy pull loops


❌ Not sold separately

The smaller, lighter version of the well-known Groundhog tent stake maintains the original’s reliable performance while shedding unnecessary weight.

Designed with a Y-beam shape, it excels at securing tents in medium-hard soil, thanks to its robust 7000-series aluminum build.

Sold in packages of 6, the package size might pose a bit of inconvenience if you’re looking to purchase stakes separately.

Although they have performed well in our testing, it’s worth mentioning that there have been very rare reports of breakages, typically occurring in hard soil conditions.

3. Best Value
Sea to Summit Ground Control Light Tent Pegs

Ultralight Tent Stakes: Sea to Summit Ground Control

Key Specs

Weight Per Stake: 0.25 ounces (7 grams) | Length: 5.75″ (146 mm)
Suitable for: Most terrain types
Material: 7075-T6 aluminum alloy
Price: $$


✅ Strong yet light

✅ Relatively affordable

✅ Reflective pull loops


❌ Not sold separately

❌ Relatively short

The Ground Control Light Tent Pegs are a crucial addition to your camping gear, offering a blend of strength and convenience.

They can come with Alto or Telos tents or be bought individually, boasting an innovative TriPoint design that ensures a reliable grip on diverse terrains. Secure anchoring, even on tough ground, is facilitated by multiple notches.

However, it’s important to note that they are only available in packs of six. Longer Ground Control stakes, providing increased stability (yet a bit heavier), are also available.

In our experience, these stakes consistently demonstrate their reliability, even in tough weather and ground conditions. The reflective pull loops make them easy to spot for nighttime setups, providing additional reassurance.

For those aiming to get the best value for their investment, these stakes present an excellent option.

4. Best for Hard Ground
Nemo Airpin Ultralight Tent Stakes

Nemo Airpin Ultralight Tent Stake

Key Specs

Weight Per Stake: 0.35 ounces (10 grams) | Length: 6″ (152 mm)
Suitable for: Most terrain types
Material: 7075 aluminum
Price: $$$


✅ Great for hard ground

✅ Built in locking system

✅ Great warranty


❌ Expensive

❌ Not sold separately

The Airpin Ultralight Stakes shine as a strategic investment for backpackers seeking both efficiency and reliability.

Featuring an ingenious three-point locking system that eliminates the need for knots or additional gear, these stakes are crafted from premium 7075 aluminum, striking a harmonious balance between strength and lightweight design.

The tapered shape facilitates effortless insertion into the ground, and rest easy knowing they’re covered by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty.

Our own experience with the Airpin Stakes reinforces the glowing feedback shared by fellow backpackers. We’ve rigorously tested them across a range of terrains, from challenging landscapes to compacted dirt surfaces. These stakes have consistently exhibited remarkable durability and ease of use.

It’s worth noting that they are available in conveniently sized packs of 2 or 4.

5. Budget Option
DD Hammocks DD SuperLight Pegs

DD Hammocks DD SuperLight Peg

Key Specs

Weight Per Stake: 0.28 ounces (8 grams) | Length: 6.1″ (155 mm)
Suitable for: Most terrain types (excluding sand)
Material: Aluminum (not specified)
Price: $


✅ Extremely affordable


❌ Not great in sand

❌ Not sold separately

The DD Superlight Pegs are a solid choice if you’re aiming to balance weight and strength.

These stakes offer reliability without adding unnecessary bulk to your gear. Each stake, weighing just 0.28 ounces (8g), packs a punch when it comes to sturdiness.

The square-ish shape of these pegs offers easy storage, and the small hook on top, though not suitable for thicker cords, still holds average-sized guy lines well.

Our experience mirrors the positive feedback we’ve received from fellow backpackers. These stakes provide a cost-effective alternative without compromising performance.

While they excel in fairly hard ground, they may not be the best fit for looser terrain or sand.

How to Choose the Best Ultralight Tent Stakes

Selecting the right tent stakes isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision. It depends on your camping conditions, like rocky, sandy, or windy terrains, which can require specific stakes in extreme circumstances.

To help guide your choice based on your preferences, consider the following:

  • Most Versatile: Y-stakes are versatile and effective in many situations. But if you want extra peace of mind, consider specialized stakes designed for specific conditions.
  • Most Durable: Y-stakes and V-stakes are known for being tough. Look for compact and lightweight stakes that are easy to pack.
  • Most Stable: The longer the stakes, the more stable your setup will be. If you want maximum stability, opt for stakes that are at least 7.5 inches or 19 cm long; they work great in softer ground. Make sure to pick stakes that suit your upcoming adventure.

You can also check out our post on this topic to become an expert in tent stakes.


How to choose the best ultralight tent stakes?

When backpacking and hiking, a quality tent stake is crucial to provide stability and securely anchor your shelter, especially in windy conditions. Ultralight stakes made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber are ideal to withstand the elements while keeping pack weight low. Y-stakes and V-stakes are versatile, lightweight options that provide stability in most terrain. For sandy or loose soil, consider wider angle stakes or models with higher surface area. In hard, compacted ground, narrower stakes and models with a more pointed tip can penetrate better. Stakes at least 7-9 inches long give maximum holding power for high winds and stormy weather. Evaluate the expected terrain and conditions for your trip and choose tent stakes accordingly to ensure your shelter remains firmly anchored throughout your outdoor adventure.

How do titanium tent stakes compare to aluminum ones?

Titanium tent stakes are lighter than aluminum stakes, but aluminum is more affordable. Titanium is also more corrosion-resistant, while aluminum can bend or snap more easily under pressure. However, aluminum drives into harder ground better. For most backpackers, aluminum tent stakes offer the best balance of weight, strength, price, and performance. But for ultralight enthusiasts or more extreme conditions, the extra strength and corrosion resistance of titanium may be worth the added cost.

Are there any specialized tent stakes for windy conditions?

There are tent stakes designed specifically for windy conditions and extra holding power. Models like MSR Cyclone stakes have a corkscrew design that provides more surface area and grip in soft ground. V-angle stakes and models with higher cross-sectional areas also resist upward pulling forces well. Sand stakes with wider platforms are optimal for loose, sandy soil. Extending guy lines and adding more stakes per connection point can also provide stability in wind. Choosing stakes suited for the expected conditions is key to keeping tents securely anchored.

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