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Backpacking in Slovakia: Hiker standing and enjoying the view in the Tatra mountains

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Slovakia offers diverse landscapes ideal for backpacking adventures. Over 9,000 miles of well-marked trails wind through the Tatra Mountains along the Polish border with stunning emerald lakes and Alpine meadows.

In this post, we’ll delve into the world of ultralight backpacking in Slovakia, providing tips to help you prepare for your upcoming outdoor adventure.

We’ll share the TOP 5 trails in Slovakia in two parts. The first is for day hikes under 25 miles, great for exploring in one day. The second is for longer multi-day trips.

Key Tips for Backpacking in Slovakia

  • What to expect: You’ll experience a variety of beautiful landscapes, like high mountains and dense forests with open fields. The weather can change. If you enjoy backpacking, you’ll find simple mountain huts and campsites conveniently placed along multi-day trails. With a lot of trails, cheap places to stay, and friendly locals, discovering Slovakia’s nature is easy and enjoyable.
  • Essential gear: Make sure to pack versatile clothing suitable for different weather conditions. Bring a waterproof jacket and gloves to stay dry. Essential items also include a first aid kit, either a GPS or a map, a compass, a headlamp, and a water bottle with a filter or treatment.
  • Wildlife: While bears and wolves inhabit some areas, interactions are rare. The southwestern Low Tatras mountains house Europe’s only venomous snake, the common viper. Ticks that can spread Lyme Disease are mostly located in rural, brushy, and forested areas, especially at elevations below 3280 feet (1000 m). Caution is advised in mountainous regions, where Tatra chamois and sheep may react defensively. Despite these potential encounters, the likelihood of dangerous situations remains low.
  • Wild camping: While dispersed camping is permitted free of charge in most forests and undeveloped areas away from roads or trails, leave no trace principles apply. Additionally, over 2,000 mi of marked hiking paths have basic huts and open sheltered locales signposted as approved bivouac sites for wild campers. These offer essential facilities like potable water and cooking areas.
  • Best time to go: Slovakia’s prime outdoor season is May to September, featuring warm and sunny weather. June to August offers the mildest conditions with extended daylight. Fall remains pleasant until early October, showcasing colorful foliage. To avoid crowds, consider visiting in April, May, September, or October. Winter, from December to March, brings reliable snow to the High Tatras, but it’s not ideal for hiking.

Top 5 Day Hikes (Under 25 Miles)

We’ve selected top day hiking trails where lightweight gear is especially handy:

  1. Zelené Pleso (9.5 mi / 15.3 km).
    See on AllTrails.
  2. Bystrá lávka (9.2 mi / 14.8 km).
    See on AllTrails.
  3. Popradské Pleso – Veľké Hincovo Pleso (9.1 mi / 14.6 km).
    See on AllTrails.
  4. The Priečne Sedlo (13.9 mi / 22.4 km).
    See on AllTrails.
  5. Starý Smokovec – Bradavica (11.2 mi / 18 km).
    See on AllTrails.

Top 5 Multi-Day Trips

Discover the most stunning long trails in Slovakia for amazing adventures:

  1. Spišské Tomášovce – Pod Čižmou (28.3 mi / 45.5 km).
    See on AllTrails.
  2. Bátovce – Tatárska lúka (27.9 mi / 44.9 km).
    See on AllTrails.
  3. Miskolc – Košice (143.4 mi / 230.8 km).
    See on AllTrails.
  4. Camino de Santiago in Slovakia: Košice to Bratislava (360 mi / 579 km).
    See on AllTrails.
  5. Pusté Pole – Sedlo Čergov (33.7 mi / 55.23 km).
    See on AllTrails.

Annual Weather Averages

Slovakia’s varied terrain means weather can fluctuate significantly by region:

  • Spring (March-May): Early spring can still see some snowy or rainy weather at higher elevations. Daytime temperatures reach 50-59°F (10-15°C). May sees milder and more stable weather.
  • Summer (June-August): Generally warm and sunny weather prevails. Daytime highs of 68-77°F (20-25°C) are common. July and August tend to be the hottest months. Afternoon thunderstorms can occur.
  • Fall (September-November): Temperatures gradually cool, with highs around 59°F (15°C) in September dropping to 41-50°F (5-10°C) by November. Weather remains changable with rain possible. Days get shorter.
  • Winter (December-February): Most of the country experiences winter conditions. Lowlands see temperatures around 32°F (0°C) while mountains receive snow. Days are shortest. January is typically the coldest month.

Before you grab your backpack and head outdoors, take a look at the weather statistics for Slovakia (Žilina):

High °F333746576671757466564435
Low °F222329374551545246393225
Rain/Snow (D*)7778101211108777
Note: This table is approximate; weather can change with altitude.
D* – Days of rain or snow.


Can I have a campfire while camping in Slovakia? 

Campfires are allowed in many parts of Slovakia, but there are some rules you need to follow. In most forests and assigned camping areas, you can have small campfires as long as there isn’t a fire ban due to hot and dry weather. Before starting a fire, make sure there’s no ban in place. Only use wood that’s already on the ground near your campsite to avoid harming the environment. Before leaving, completely put out the fire with water and never leave it alone.

What are some safety tips for backpackers in Slovakia?

Always be prepared for changing mountain weather and leave a detailed itinerary with someone in case of emergency. When exploring remote wilderness areas, travel with others if possible for safety in numbers. Know your physical limits and abilities before embarking on challenging hikes. Be informed on trails, seasons, and protected wildlife to minimize outdoors risks. Carry essential gear like maps, first aid, navigation tools and extra layers. Backcountry hazards can include unstable terrain, dehydration or wildlife encounters. Responsible backpackers can safely experience and respect Slovakia’s rich natural beauty by following basic precautions.

What are the most popular national parks in Slovakia?

Slovakia has some amazing national parks that are perfect for hiking and enjoying nature. Up in the north, Tatra National Park is famous for its stunning mountain views, making it a dream for hikers. The paths are well-marked, taking you through valleys and volcanic peaks. Nearby, Low Tatras National Park has picturesque forests and meadows with trails to explore. In the east, Poloniny National Park is a home to remote woodlands and the highest waterfall. Slovenský Raj National Park showcases dramatic sandstone rock formations and canyons carved by the Hornád River. These popular national parks display Slovakia’s beauty with mountains, forests, waterfalls, and canyons, offering unforgettable outdoor adventures for those who love nature, adventure, and recreation.

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